Basic Spanish Course

The difference between ‘puta’ and ‘de puta madre’

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Transcript of class:In English, cursing is all about fucking, whereas in Spanish it’s all about prostitutes.

When something’s really good in English we say ‘it’s fucking good’…in Spanish we say it is of the prostitute’s mother – ‘de puta madre.’ Nobody knows why the prostitute’s mother is the source of such goodness, but an old Galician folk tale talks of a beautiful milf in an farming village whose daughter was the village whore. Thus…when anything good happened…people said it was as good as the prostitute’s mother…soon shortened to ‘de puta madre.’

Conversely, when you want to complain about something like – “I don’t want to do my fucking homework” (something you are forbidden from saying on this course) then you substitute the word ‘prostitute’ for ‘fucking.’ If the thing you are talking about is masculine then you say ‘puto’ and if it’s feminine you say ‘puta’…

__ Odio mi puto trabajo…I hate my fucking job.

By the way, the translation of ‘puta’ when talking of a sex worker is ‘whore’ i.e. it’s offensive. In other words, numbnuts, don’t approach a prostitute and refer to her as a ‘puta.’

Recap discussion: What’s the importance of prostitutes in Spain? (From a linguistic point of view, you sick little mutt!)

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