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Our streamlined Spanish course is ruthlessly efficient, allowing you to become a competent speaker in 12 weeks. We achieve these rapid results with a five-step strategy…

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  • 1. RIGOUR: regular testing consolidates everything you’ve learnt.
  • 2. PSYCHOLOGY: we motivate students to fight destructive forces such as laziness.
  • 3. COMMUNITY: our online community allows you to meet fellow students & teachers.
  • 4. DISCIPLINE. we demand proof (via e-mail / Whatsapp) that you’re doing your homework.
  • 5. CLARITY. We send you the course in modules – every two weeks, giving you clear, manageable goals.

How does the course work?

  • STEP 1: Once you have paid, you’ll receive the first 2 weeks of material via e-mail (MP3 + PDF). You will also receive the email and Whatsapp of your tutor.
  • STEP 2: Two weeks pass and you carry out all the tasks. You send messages to your tutor in Barcelona about any questions you have.
  • STEP 3: A ten minute test online. If you pass then you will be sent the next course modules. If you fail then you must retake the test.

What do I receive in total?

  1. The total course is 36 weeks long. (12 weeks – competence 24 weeks:

If you don’t want to commit to the full course, you can buy the first module on Amazon.


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