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Infinitives in Spanish: CLASS 5

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Transcript of class:

Infinitives in Spanish

Before we deal with ‘ser’ and ‘estar’ (the verb ‘to be’ in English), let’s just clarify what an infinitive is. Yes, I know that some of you already know what an infinitive is and think you’re smart, but let’s face it…you wouldn’t be reading a book designed for knuckleheads if you were so smart.

Anyway, what you need to know is that the infinitive is like the title of a verb. The equivalent in English is when we put ‘to’ in front of the verb.

Therefore, in the sentence… “I want to kill fascists”…the infinitive is ‘to kill.’ Other infinitives are…

__ To kick
__ To slap
__ To punish
__ To obey

Spanish infinitives do not need the equivalent of ‘to’ before the verb. Spaniards indicate the infinitive with the ending of the verb. There are three types of infinitives and thus…three kinds of verbs.

– Those that end in ‘ar’ __ hablar (to eat)
– Those that end in ‘er’ __ comer (to eat)
– Those that end in ‘ir’  __  vivir (to live)

Today we are going to study the verbs ‘ser’ and ‘estar’. Remember that they are both infinitives and are both translated as ‘to be’.


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